Softwares designed and developed by UMR BAGAP

"Chloé - Métriques paysagères" software

"Chloé - métriques paysagères" is a software for mapping analyses. The principle consists in charaterizing each point of a rural space according to values of metrics calculated in surrounding landscapes

"Chloé - métriques paysagères" is designed and developed by Hugues Boussard et Jacques Baudry.
Boussard, H. & Baudry, J. (2017) Chloe4.0: A software for landscape pattern analysis

"Ecobordure" software

"Ecobordure" is an indicator of the agroecological state of field margins. Based upon the presence/absence of de 31 herbaceous species, Ecobordure qualifies the state of the observed field margin l'état de la bordure and allows inference about causes and consequences of this state. Ecobordure exists in 2 versions: Bocage-Armoricain et Plaine de Beauce-Bassin parisien sud.

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"Ecobordure" software was designed and developed by Hugues Boussard

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