The BISCO project


Biodiversity and ecosystem services linked to complementairies between ecological continuities in agroforestry landscapes



Within agroforestry landscapes (i.e. the bocage in Brittany), the hedgerow network can play a role both as a refuge for weeds but also as a dispersal corridor. The aim of the BISCO project is to analyze the role of woody elements, their connectivity and their management, on the composition of weeds and their role in the ecological functioning of cultivated systems.

We will focus on i) the complementarities between wooded and cultivated systems (temporary meadows, crops) against the compromise between maintaining and controlling weeds, ii) taking into account the multi-annual dynamics of these systems to better quantify the potential time lag between changes in connectivity and management and the response of weeds.

BAGAP Staff Involved


  • CNRS – Université de Rennes 1 UMR ECOBIO


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Uroy L. Mony C., Ernoult A., Alignier A. (2019) Effect of landscape connectivity provided by wooded and cultivated habitats on weeds: a response-trait effect framework. Agroforestry 2019, Montpellier-France, 20-22 mai 2019. Poster


  • Fondation de France
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