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Role of hedgerows in the spatio-temporal complementation of floral resources for pollinating insects 


  • 2022-2024
  • Coordinateur : UMR BAGAP
  • Contact BAGAP : ALIGNIER Audrey, AVIRON Stéphanie, JEAVONS Emma
  • Thèmes de recherche BAGAP : Wildlife conservation in rural and urban landscapes
  • Mots clés : bocage, bee, syrphid, functional ecology, landscape, temporal continuity


In the current context of global change, it is urgent to preserve biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. As a result of agricultural intensification, the loss and fragmentation of semi-natural habitats, including hedgrows, led to temporal and spatial discontinuity of resources essential to many key organisms, such as pollinating insects. The main objective of POLLIHAIE is to assess the role of hedgerows, at different scales, in the spatial and temporal supply of floral resources for pollinating insects and the complementarity of these resources with those of other habitats in agricultural landscapes, Brittany.

Two complementary and innovative approaches will be used to meet this objective:
(i) a correlative approach linking pollinators abundance to functional description of the landscape,
(ii) a behavioral approach which aims at understanding the use of hedgerows by pollinators in addition to other habitats.

The project will be based on a network of observation sites monitored for several years (in the Zone Atelier Armorique). The resultis of the POLLIHAIE project will provide a solid scientific knowledge to various actors on the role of hedgerows in mixed farming-livestock agroforestry systems.

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