The DyAREM Project


Agricultural Dynamics and Water Resources in Mato Grosso


Context and Objectives

Rural Amazonian landscapes remain highly dynamic and traditional forest-centric environmental considerations need to be broadened. In this respect, special attention must be paid to the vulnerability of freshwater ecosystems which are highly sensitive to a wide range of anthropogenic activities.

Objectives are twofold: 

  • qualify, map and quantify recent agricultural dynamics, considering the emergence of new rural landscapes
  • assess the impacts of such dynamics on freshwater ecosystems and on climate regulation mechanisms.

Jacques Baudry will contribute to the DyAREM project thanks to his expertise in landscape ecology.


Expected results will clarify interactions between agricultural practices and environmental management, on the one side, and rural landscapes and climate regulation, on the other side.

Jacques Baudry


CNRS – Université de Rennes 2 : LETG


French National Research Agency ANR

Modification date: 06 February 2023 | Publication date: 31 January 2018 | By: BAGAP research unit