Adeline Bulot

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Scientist at AGROCAMPUS OUEST BAGAP research unit

Phone: +33 2 41 22 54 84 • Email

Address: AGROCAMPUS OUEST, 2 rue André Le Nôtre, 49045 Angers Cedex 01, France

Expertise: Ecology, Botany

Keywords: Community ecology, Plant ecology, Restoration ecology, Ecological engineering



My research focuses on the ecology of communities via experiments in ecological restoration and ecological engineering. Firstly, I have been interested in plant-soil and plant-insects interactions to identify the ecological processes that lead to the assemblage of a plant community. Currently, I focus my research on questions related to the structure and functioning of ecosystems in strongly anthropized environments to help guide planning landscaping and improve management and practices, and thus to promote the ordinary and patrimonial biodiversity.

Teaching Experience

In the department of ecology at AGROCAMPUS OUEST, I teach general and plant ecology at bachelor level; and ecological management, restoration ecology, and ecological engineering at master level. I also teach in the master’s degree “Ecology and Eco-engineering of Wetlands” at the University of Angers.

Consulting Experience

I can be solicited as a scientific expert to help design projects of ecological restoration or landscaping, and for their ecological monitoring.

Selected Productions

Scientific papers

Bulot A., Potard K., Bureau F., Bérard A., Dutoit T. (2017) Ecological restoration by soil transfer: impacts on restored soil profiles and topsoil functions. Restoration Ecology 25 (3): 354-366.

Bulot A., Provost E., Dutoit T. (2016) Refuse pile turnover by harvester ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) increases seed density and seedling species richness in dry grasslands. Myrmecological News 23: 91-100.

Bulot A., Provost E., Dutoit T. (2014) A comparison of different soil transfer strategies for restoring a Mediterranean steppe after a pipeline leak (La Crau plain, South-Eastern France). Ecological Engineering 71: 690-702.

Bulot A., Dutoit T., Rennuci M., Provost E. (2014) A new transplantation protocol for harvester ant queens Messor barbarus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) to improve the restoration of species-rich plant communities. Myrmecological News 20: 43-52.

Bulot A., Provost E., Dutoit T. (2014) Transférer le sol pour restaurer des communautés végétales: quelles leçons pour mesurer la résilience des pelouses sèches ? (Plaine de La Crau, Sud-Est de la France). Acta Botanica Gallica 161: 287-300.

Book chapters

Jaunatre R., Buisson E., Coiffait‐Gombault C., Bulot A., Dutoit T. (2014) Restoring Species-Rich Mediterranean Dry Grassland in France Using Different Species-Transfer Methods. pp. 160-181. In Kiehl K., Kirmer A., Shaw N., Tischew S. (eds) “Guidelines for native seed production and grassland restoration”. Cambridge University press, Cambridge, 301 pp.

Dutoit T., Buisson E., Fadda S., Henry F., Coiffait-Gombault C., Jaunatre R., Alignan J.F., Masson S., Bulot A. (2013) The pseudo-steppe of La Crau (South-Eastern France): origin, management and restoration of a Mediterranean rangeland. pp. 287-301. In Traba J. & Morales M. (eds.). “Steppe Ecosystems: Biological Diversity, Management and Restoration”. Nova Publishers, USA. 347 pp.

Conference proceedings

Bulot A., Dutoit T. (2016) Impacts of a soil transfer for the restoration of a Mediterranean grassland after a pipeline leak: importance of young successional stages. In SER Europe Conference 2016, Freising, Allemagne, 22-26 août.

Bulot A., Dutoit T., Renucci M., Provost E. (2013) The harvester ant Messor barbarus as a new tool in ecological engineering: the case of the restoration of a dryland destroyed by an oil leak. In 5th World Conference on Ecological Restoration (SER). Madison, Etats-Unis, 6-11 octobre.

Bulot A., Provost E., Renucci M., Dutoit T. (2013) Soil tranfer for restoring plant communities: which lessons to measure the resilience of dry grasslands (Plain of La Crau, Southeastern France). In 56th IAVS Symposium, Tartu, Estonie, 26-30 juin.

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