Sylvie Nègre

Sylvie Nègre's Personal Page


Scientist at INRA UMR BAGAP

Phone: +33 2 23 48 51 19 • Email:

Address: INRA Centre Bretagne-Normandie, UMR BAGAP, Domaine de la motte, BP 35327, 35653 Le Rheu Cedex, France

Expertise: organic agriculture, genetics, agronomy

Keywords: cultivated biodiversity, participatory research, experiment, communication


My activities support participatory research programmes to develop cultivated biodiversity within organic and low-input farming systems.

I participate in the on-farm experimentation and all activities associated with evaluations, and the creation of cultivated diversity in connection with on-farm breeding.

I am responsible for communication actions: dissemination of tools and results within networks of actors and raising awareness of the issues of cultivated diversity towards a wider audience.

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